Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

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Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser
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Can this somehow be rigged to be a security camera and dog treat dispenser??

How controlled is the treat dispenser? Could it consistently dispense a single package of something that is suitably sized? I’m thinking this could be used to control giving meds to someone who had trouble remembering to take meds at the correct time every day or who forgets and takes the same meds multiple times…

Probably not great for meds. I use a pretty small treat (still bigger than a pill) and I get anywhere between 3 and 7 per shot. The number of treats dispensed is not a setting you can dial in.

Okay, so it is probably me, but it seems to me if a dog, a big lovable dog, that really, really liked you thought that somehow because your voice was coming out of this thing that you could be found if they could only open this thing… well, things could get interesting.

So what stops my dog from tearing into the the dispenser and just eating all the treats?

Or my cat. He figured out the autofeeder in a couple hours.

Notice all the pictures with dogs staring at this thing. Is that what you want your dog doing all day?

Unfortunately, the dry treats kill this one for me. I’d just end up with a pile of dry treats on the ground when I got home…lol

Hi! This is a dog treat dispenser. When you log in, you see your pet and can dispense treats. But, the video is only on when you are logged in. So, it’s not really a security camera. It’s like making a video call to your pet :wink:

We have many customers with big dogs. The Petzi is pretty tough. Plus, you can mount it out of reach.

You can mount it out of reach. As another user pointed out, some cats have reached in, but, they can’t get into the bin.

The Petzi Treat Cam is designed to dispense 2-3 quarter sized dry, crunchy treats per dispense.

It isn’t designed for accurate dispensing of medication.


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Exactly! My dog would sit there all day too. What happens when you have two dogs??? Dog fight!

I’d be all over this if it was $80.

But still over 120 is not not good enough to pull the trigger…And I love my dog more than anything

I have another brand that is a camera and laser pointer for my cats. They didn’t have a treat dispenser model at the time. All the other ones are way more expensive than this. Its also nice because you can use it to check up on your house while your away. I was recently in the hospital for 23 days. I had someone looking in on my pets during that time but it was nice to be able to look in and see them and know they were ok while I was gone. Even though I already have something similar, this is a really good deal and I am going to get one!