PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - 3 Pack



Will this work with my parrot Mac?

Aww… we gotta wait another day.

A Bee O Cee this is not!

This is a wootoff killer

Can I get a self-cleaning pet???

Can I use these to groom myself?

It’s Deja Vu all over again.

probably next? Does BOC wordfilter to something?

Got these for my Dog the last time they were on Woot. Our Puppy loves them!!!

I thought self-cleaning meant that the animal could clean itself with this thing.

Self Cleaning eh… I don’t know if my dog has enough thumbs to utilize this handy tool.

Mine too!!!


I was gonna be all clever and say “will this be compatible with my dog, Mac?”

You’ve stolen my thunder, good sir :frowning:

My dogs say these feel gooooood. They like them. And cleaning is a breeze!

These are great!!! I bought them last time they are on woot. The brushes work really well on my short hair cat. The best bush I’ve used so far. They sell for 9.99 in PetSmart, so they’re a good deal too.

I bought these last time the were on Woot. The work really well on my Cavalier King Charles. He has a lot of of hair and is always clogging brushes. The self clean feature is wonderful.