PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - 3 Pack

ill groom you baby

I bought these last time they were on Woot. It works great on the dog, and the hairball really does pop off.


Alrighty - my guess is it’s a 3 day Woot off and BOC tomorrow. Time to hit the highway and log on when I get home to try to catch a monkey or two…

What a tease

waiting so long for the brick of crack…

I smell a 3 day woot! off.

3 for me, I can’t ever find a brush. Volume leads to success.


Is this compatible with snow leopard?

Just got a kitteh; in for one.

Woohoo! First sucker!!!

[Edit] Well…i was first for a while. I guess it’s first to press the button not complete the checkout.

Bought these on woot recently. Worth the $7, but IT’S NOT CRAP!

Sorry Doms, they don’t work so well on humans, even if you have one for a pet.

Only if you look like a dog.

Your mom is a woot off killer

Yep they call it a Cat!

These things actually work pretty well on my standard poodles. We tossed the shedding brush and picked up 3 of these the last time they were offered. My extended family also uses them on their Airdales.

No other day I bet; thousands of BOCs a few days ago, and it has happened that there’s been a BOC-free Woot-off before.

these people must be laughing their branches or copses off.

Honestly this is the last thing I expected people to be praising.