PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - 3 Pack

For what it’s worth, I got a set of these when they were up about a month ago, and they really do work great. And my pets like them, even though some of them are pretty picky about brushes.

Now that the Vets are here, how the FRACK did The WOOT-BOT get 4 Quality Posts?

is your MAC parrot USB? if so, then yes. If it is parallel port… you may need an adapter. Firewire? no.
bluetooth, possible with a driver update

Been using one of these from the previous woot to collect hair from my cat. I have successfully collected enough hair to make another cat.

I’m really in the mood for a B A G - O F - C R A P!!! Who’s with me?

Got these last time they were up… worked great for me and the cats love them. They clean fast… sturdy construction, for a plastic pet brush, and won’t break anytime soon.

2 metal bristle brushes and one plastic… works great.

Wow… bought this for myself… who needs combs…

My cat likes these, so does my wife. You got to take care of that pussy if you want to be happy.

I’d be happy to sell you a pet bar-of-soap.

My cat is already self cleaning!

well no bag of shit on this woot off

These are decent for doing some grooming by yourself when you can’t keep trying to clean the brush. They work pretty well, not the greatest for long haired animals.

Worth the price, definitely.

Another day of staring at this screen I guess…


My kitties love them! Got two sets last time. It’s a purrathon when I use it on them. Get it? Purrrathon?? :wink:

I bought these last time too! They work great on my dog. As soon as he sees me grab it he comes right over and sits down for me.

Now, it’s time for a new chair…

maybe you should save your money for a new chair???

These are great for back hair. I got one for the whole family.

I just got the Bag on happyhour!!!