PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - 3 Pack

I got these in my last Random Crap. Sold 'em on the Amazon Marketplace, more than paid for the experience!

are these compatable with dogs named Mac?

Bought these before and got another set in the last BOC. Gave those away to friends. These work well.

i got these last time because they were only 2 dollars. i suppose they are worth at least trying because of the price, but my dog hated them. they are very cheap and flimsy feeling.

Can we get to the good stuff now?

I bought it the last time and my cat loves it, and yes the hair pops out.

Enough with the “are these compatible with” posts!!!

no. only dogs named windows, xp, vista, 7, and linux

I concur with this statement…wow those went fast…only 41? wonder if the rest went into another bongle of carrots?

Note for those who bought these (or got them in last month’s BoC):

The “pet trimmer attachment” comes attached (to the middle sized brush). It is not particularly noticeable. If you grab that brush by mistake you will be trimming your pet.

We have a cat who likes to rub against her brushes when they’re sitting out. She trimmed off half her whiskers before we even thought about it…