PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - 3 Pack

If this wasn’t woot I would think we were heading into superstitious territory. In for none!

we’re gonna be here a long time

How so? It’s a SELF CLEANING brush! it cleans itself… unlike my roomba.

Yeah, seriously. Damn Roombas are a pain to clean.

I saw it, hit order, typed my 3-digit CVV, hit order… and it was sold out. Damn Woot Offs.

Picked up some of these last time they were here. They work pretty well, but only one of our three cats actually enjoys the brushing process, it turns out.

These brushes are actually great. Not the best that they could be, but makes cleaning up the hair a million times easier and a great buy for that price. Easy on my pups (they’re older, but I still call them pups!), too. Too bad they sold so quick!

Dang, missed out.

Wow. I love these brushes…too bad I missed them this time…I bought them last time and wish I had bought 3 sets! Maybe they will have them again!