Peyton Crap

Finally got one. And amazingly it’s still available.

Sweet, thanks for the post, happened to look at the community and BAM… Disappointment abound!

Too bad I got one yesterday… randomly get on and find this… crazy it hasn’t sold out yet!

…and there it goes.


Missed it AGAIN!!!


Had it in my cart twice but kept disappearing before I could check out. what the frankfurters woot?

OMIF*CKINGOD!!! Seriously?!?!
I finally catch a friggin shit bag on time, but OF COURSE, NONE of the “I want one” buttons would work on ANY of the apps I had on my phone. So, with my incredibly frustrating anti-luck lately; by the time I get logged in via computer, the damn thing sells out RIGHT BEFORE I can press the “submit order” button…
Kinda effing hating fate right now, she’a been acting like one cold beyotch the last few days…

DUDE! My flipping “I want one” button REFUSED to work via 3 diff apps!
Uber-annoying, right?

You need to click “I want one” just once and wait for it to go through. With bags it often takes a minute or so. If you click it a second time, the whole thing resets and you go to the back of the line of processing "I want one"s. Even if it doesn’t look like it is loading, it does kick in eventually.

Where are you finding these BOC’s? on home woot at the bottom?

Ugh… Ok, thanks for telling me that… Wish we’d had this lil chat, like yesterday… lol

I wish it was Peyton List not crap…

WOOHOO! Congrats!

We have a thread all ready to go!!

We’re gonna be talking over here in World of Woot!!