Pfaltzgraff 45pc 18/0 Set Your choice

**Item: **Pfaltzgraff 45pc 18/0 Set Your choice
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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A few good reviews on the American Bead on Overstock

Let’s learn what exactly the 18/0 means over here

I just got these in and was disappointed that some of the pieces are fairly light, especially the spoons.

These are not terrible pieces. Expect a nicer product than the horrible flatware at Applebees.

These appear to be stamped (uniform thickness throughout) and not forged, which means that you’re still going to bend your spoon when dishing up ice cream.

Forged flatware tends to be 3x this price at minimum, and usually much more. I found one very fine Lenox fork at Goodwill and have since been wishing to complete the set, but it runs around $30 per place setting - and that’s the used price.

At this price the Pfaltzgraff set above is perfectly serviceable for a few years, especially if you have a family which tends to lose forks and spoons over time.

Just add a proper forged spoon for ice cream dishing so you don’t ruin the spoons in this set.

I bought the Satin Ariel set during a woot plus sale a week or two ago. I am extremely disappointed in the quality. The pieces are one step above what you get at a diner, but that’s about it. They have sharp edges, are not weighty in the least, and came with scratches all over. This is one of those things that I bought online because of the price, but had I seen them in a store at the same price, would have scoffed and moved on. I know the “list price” is a joke but for a “list price” of $90 I was expecting a little bit more.

If you want good flatware, look for 18/10.

I’ve been wanting some new flatware and these looked pretty good - just glad I read the reviews and the comments BEFORE I decided to buy. Guess I’ll wait a while longer. I’m not a fan of what just may be “flimsy flatware”.