Pfaltzgraff La Rachelle 20-Piece Set of Flatware

Oh goody

How do the spoons sound? Are they compatible with my knee?

the better to eat my pork with

Flatware!!! Yes!! Who doesn’t get amped up by flatware? If you don’t then you need to check your pulse.


Did you mean: Pfaltzgraff LaRochelle 18/0 Flatware

Four place-settings. For unmarried people with no friends so they can go a week without running the dishwasher.

C’mon! Buy 'em up! Almost $40 at Overstock.

I prefer sporks

which one’s the salad fork? I always get mixed up


The last four woots in summary.

i dont want flatware, i want silverware

error divide by 0

In for 3 in that case!

Didn’t we already have this?

18/0 = possible rust in the dishwasher. Wait for 18/8 or, better, 18/10

Pass on 0% Ni…

I’m done stick a fork in me

Bought these last yr for wifey for xmas. Forks and spoons are great, but be warned, the butter knifes are not full tang. (I have 2 or three that rattle, apparently the tang inside has become disconnected from the fake tang.

On that note, I’m gonna go mix some Tang… Yummy Tang.