Phantom S107 GYRO RC Helicopter

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Phantom S107 GYRO RC Helicopter
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Anyone have one?

These things are awesome!

Another IR helicopter. How many people actually buy these in full knowledge that they will only work indoors?

$39.95 on AMAZON

Some mall vendor knuckled me into buying one of these a couple of years ago, my kid was practically slobbering over it. Turned out to be worst decision of my life time. Wife getting frisky while watching a romantic comedy? Doesn’t matter, this thing comes hovering the stair rails. This thing has ruined the past 6 romantic moments of my life, ABC; here I come. Atleast my kid has to be asleep for ONE of them.

Ooh… new-fangled IR technology!

This is actually a rebranded version of the Syma S107G – You can get them on Amazon for $20 and they’re awesome. They will fly outdoors if you’re in the shade or at night.

Fun and easy to fly but don’t let the blades get you… they’ll draw blood.

Battery dies after about a month.

And no wind…

Got one of these for Christmas last year. I fly it around the house and try to land it on various boxes and tables. Lots of fun!

As long as you don’t run them into the walls too many times, they fly great! I got one for my brother, he loves it. Then my boyfriend played with it, and he got one. Then my boyfriends’ roommates tried it, and the three of them bought one. They are pretty fun!

I have one of these (Syma 107g) and it’s an AWESOME RC helicopter. 6 minutes of flight time seems like a very short period of time, but I actually find it more than enough to have some fun.

ALSO, I have crashed this thing dozens of time, even in to the 15 foot ceiling in my office. My coworker even godzilla smashes it out of the air with regularity, and the only thing that has broken is a tiny plastic piece of the tail fin (which makes it drift slightly forward due to weight imbalance). The rotors and body have stood up perfectly.

However, these are available on Amazon for $18.95 with Prime shipping:

My husband LOVES his. I bought two a couple woot-offs ago, one as spare parts. But we haven’t needed any spare parts. He has crashed it HARD quite a bit and they still run great - he has had to tinker with one of them a bit though. Great for “playing” with cats :slight_smile:

Yeah, these are good helicopters and you can’t beat the price.

I’ve had mine since February. I charge and fly it at least once or twice a week. So far, no signs of the battery beginning to dwindle. However, I make sure not to charge it for at least 10 minutes after flight, and not flying it at least 10 minutes after charging. I hear that helps these LiPo batteries

if this could actually BRING me a gimlet, I’d be tempted…

This Phantom appears to be a cheap knock-off of the Syma S-107 which is very reliable and available on Amazon for about the same price (cheaper if you have prime):

Syma S107

I’ve had mine for 8 months, still going strong.