Phenom Resistance Band Training Sets

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Phenom Resistance Band Training Sets
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Comments from a previous sale

Couldn’t find too much about these online but I love resistance bands right now. I use them for stretching before I go out for my walks. These would be great to start using for a complete body workout when space is limited.

Resistance bands work very well when you are on the road, or don’t have time to get to the gym.
Here’s a cool workout.


I have something very similar that I purchased at Aldi a few months ago for around the same price. Have it mounted on my office door at work. This thing actually works great. It’s compact and is easy to use in a small space. You’d be surprised at the great workout you can get, especially for your upper body and legs. I recommend heartily.

These are great for home fitness programs, like P90X, especially if you’re just getting started. If you decide you’re going to stick with it, you can graduate to Selecttechs or something similar.

I have those and they’re not something you “graduate to”. Resistance bands are “mo better” overall IMO, and for those who travel, nothing can beat them apart from a travel gym membership.

Does anyone know if these can be used to assist with pull ups? I notice they’re not exactly like the elastic bands (Rubberbanditz) style we use at my gym.

I picked up the Phenom bands that Woot had a couple of weeks ago. The quality of the bands is perfect so far. However, the stitching on one of the handles gave out allowing 50 pounds of thrust drive the metal rings into my door. It sounded like a gunshot and left a lovely hole. I looked at the handles and noticed that they used a quality of thread that wouldn’t be suitable for a button. Lousy quality Phenom.

I rebuilt the handles with a thin chain that should do the trick. Just my two cents.

seems a tad expensive for nothing but glorified bungee cords.

That’s the exact route I went. The resistance bands were great to start with, but the free weights give me more control over what I’m lifting. The bands also aren’t as durable as a good set of free weights. Had a few of the bigger bands snap on me as I got stronger and it can be scary.

We apologize for your inconvenience, and we definitely want to make this right with you. We’re committed to providing quality products and customer satisfaction and sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Please send us a private message and we’ll send a replacement set free of charge.

Thanks for the support!

I cannot find the length of the cords anywhere. This would be important to know.

Tubes in their relaxed state are 45" long. Measured length from inside both handles is 64".

Hope this helps!

Helped enough for a purchase, thx!

Fasted shipped Woot item ever (in my 9 years with Woot).

This appears to be a nice set, purchased to replace the Thera-Band straps that keep breaking (they say they are latex, but they do not last long).

I received mine today and they look great but alas, no Accessories in the bag so they are worthless to me. I am missing the
(2) Handles
Door Anchor
Ankle Strap

I hope they make it right and send the rest of the set instead of having me return them for a refund :frowning: