Phil Keoghan's No Opportunity Wasted Energy Bars

Anyone have experience with these? Curious how they taste? Yes I know that is a pretty subjective thing, but its good to get input.

Are these made in the USA?

if you get them -
eat 'em up fast…

"Expires: 8/29/13"

eta: i got some anyway ; )

“Tumeric” What is that? I think you mean Turmeric. Proofread!

[MOD: Thanks. Reported.]

Yes, they are made in the USA. They do contain New Zealand Manuka Honey.

16g of sugar per bar. That’s kind of…a lot.

At 45g, it’s a small bar. You’re not grabbing this bar quickly instead of lunch.

And with 16g sugars and 1g protein… there’s really not much to it. You’d be just as well eating one slice of quality whole grain bread.

The wrapper says it’s “loaded with chia seeds”…

Who woulda known I could’ve eaten my daughter’s chia pet and improved my well-being?

4:1 carb to protein ratio??? 32g of carbs,1g of protein. maybe im missing something???

Must be new math. It’s straight from Phil’s site though.

1g of protein and at least half of the carbs are straight up sugar.
no thanks.
I wouldn’t give this to my team, and they are a bunch of young 20’s that are burning 5-6k cal a day.

I really don’t understand why so many “nutrition/energy bars” have almost no protein and so much sugar. You might as well eat a candy bar, at least it will taste better.

I think I’ll stick with my luna bars and a glass of milk.

Still isn’t fixed.

It’s just because carbs=energy. Healthy or not. If they could still market candy as a source of quick energy they would.

That being said, these taste pretty good and could be worse for you than they are. Oddly, I’ve never seen any that weren’t short-dated (including these).

Xanthan Gum is not an “all-natural” ingredient, thankyouverymuch.

wikipedia says it’s a fermentation byproduct? sort of like how beer, yogurt, or kimchi are made. It might not normally be found in some of the other ingredients, but that doesn’t make it any less “natural”

But it has an “X” in the name!!!

Phil wasn’t ON The Amazing Race. He is HOST of The Amazing Race.

As written the headline says:
“Phil Keoghan’s No Opportunity”
“Wasted Energy Bars”

When I first read that I thought, “Why would I want ‘wasted energy’ bars? Or is it that eating them is wasted energy?”

Anyway, I’m probably in for one, but the copywriters and editors need a swift kick where they sit.