Philip Shaw Australian Pinot Noir (2)



Philip Shaw No. 8 Australian Pinot Noir 2-Pack
$32.99 (Normally $82.31) 60% off List Price
2005 Philip Shaw No. 8 Pinot Noir, Orange Australia, Koomooloo Vineyard

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Oh hey, there should be some people in Austin that can share some tasting notes on this wine.

Hint. Hint. :wink:


Philip Shaw?

Anything like Charles Shaw? :smiley:



The tasting notes on the main page sound delicious. I await further notes from Austin…


Just so we get this out of the way;
screwtop from down under. Now, where’s Kyle with the link?

I’ve had issues finding love for Aussie juice. Could this be the one?


Hey i liked the earth-y mineral-y spice the stonier pinot had…hoping for a good report.


Yes, how could I forget that one? Tasty. Ok, most Aussie juice I’ve tried.
Need the Austin notes. TT, you get in on the tasting? Pony up.


Some 2006 tasting notes, some 2007 notes , and some more on the 2007. Add some mixed 2006 and 2007 notes just to round things out. I’m in for one; the price is good, but I figure I’m going to need to drink this fairly soon and I’ve got a house full of cases I ordered over the holidays.


I don’t think I can go in on this until bsevern, the resident woot expert on Pinot chimes in. Or Neil.


Here is a review online:

My question is, how has the wine aged. It’s been 6 years since that time. Is there still some central fruit or is it tiring?


Hi all, checking in from Austin!

Had a great time last night and got a sneak peek at a handful of upcoming wines including this one.

This Pinot Noir has that distinct Pinot taste. You take one sip and you know that’s what you are drinking.

On the palate, my notes included blackberry, subtle oak, and nice tannins.

My wife did not like it but she never likes Pinot Noir :slight_smile: If you are a fan of Pinots then I would go for it.


Chiming in from Austin -

The simple answer to that question is that it is not tiring. In fact, it was still a little tight on first opening. It opened up nicely in the glass. Tannins were still present but more integrated. Cherry was the primary fruit note. There wasn’t any of the earthy notes you get in the better California pinots, but it went well as a food wine. It paired well with roasted butternut squash. Pretty good QPR at this price point.


I think just about everything from down under has a screw cap, even the wallabies.


And that, slower aging, should be exactly where a screw top will excel.


Another check in from Austin on this wine. We noted a bit of earthiness and meat on the nose. There was cherry on the palate. It was still going strong though. No signs of age yet so this should hold up for a few more years without a problem.


This is still lively for a 2005 PN. My tasting thoughts are in line with UBlink on this one.

Many people at my table preferred this PN to the Sonoma Coast we tasted this against, but I favored the Sonoma Coast style which is my favorite appellation for PN. This Australian PN is a lighter body and more restrained style than most California PNs.

I will say it seems like a pretty great deal at this price point.

I have some notes and comments on this wine from some non-Wooters, I just need to go through them, so I’ll check back in a bit.


Sounds like a no brainer for daily drinking and QPR.


Curious about he price and quantity on this one. At this price per bottle I am accustomed to seeing 3 and 4 packs. My guess is that it’s a small quantity and so to make more available they shortened up the offer quantity.

I like this. More cheaper two packs please.


Two Bill Phil!