Philips 10-Outlet Surge Protector

1 Philips 10-Outlet Surge Protector

$9.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

Huh, retail’s around 45 so this seems like a good deal… Can always use some more surge protectors!

I cough currently have one power strip plugged into another cough, so I think I need to Woot.

Nice Product, Nice Price.

In for two.

My first post ever :wink:

AWESOME BUY… in 4 3.

Thanks woot. still contemplating the woot from across the pond.

Great looking product, in for one.

in for a couple, nice gifts

philips?..NO thank you

$1 per outlet! Wow!

This exact same model was posted on deal sites yesterday for $20 at I almost bought one then, so I will probably buy 2 now. mysteriously no longer carries this one, but a slightly different model with a 6 foot cord for ~$48 .

will this take a entire city grid (28 blocks)?

because that’s basically what i’m looking for…

damn. i just bought two of these a few days ago at for $20 each.

I bought one from for $22 (after damn tax) which I thought was a great deal. This is even better. I’m in 4 three!

looked everywhere. couldn’t find a single solitary review of a philips surge protector. maybe some will pop up later though.

I have 3-outlet cube taps plugged into a 6-outlet power strip just to accommodate wall warts. I’m in for 1. I hope it is X-10 friendly.

Was looking at this before when it cost twice as much at

In for three!

Here is the Philips support page on the SPP7346WA/17

And the Leaflet.

Owner’s Manual for the lazy…

in for 2. i read somewhere that these were originally 80 bucks brand new so this is a heck of a deal.

In for 2 also