Philips 1000-Watt 5.1 DVD Home Theater System with 1080p Upconversion

too much

Night of the living refurbs!!!

I’m wasting away again in wooterville… searching for my lost credit card…

I got mine from Costco and it works perty darn well, and the sub isn’t all that bad either, just don’t pump it too loud!

sorry Woot! but I refuse to by another one with out a disc changer =( the deal is tempting though

What does 1080p mean to sound?

Bought this new for 150 I think. Works pretty good. Nothing exceptional, but I enjoy it!

stay away if you like a decent audio experience

these things rock for the $$
definitely an upgrade for most flat panel tv’s in the sound area.

decent price and good reviews, according to Amazon:

1000 Watts? Pretty ambitious statement!

I’ve recently bought a refurb Philips 32" LCD TV, Blu-Ray player and a new remote. All have performed perfectly.

It may not be anything but there are a lot of notable websites that offer this system and almost every one of them has it listed as recertified or refurbished. That’s pretty scary. It’s evidently a product that needs a second run through the factory before the bugs are worked out.

BTW the second closest price seems to be New Egg at $129.99

$199 Amazon
Great deal here!

No price history entries in a lot of items. I liked those as reference in case they came back another time. Are things just selling out too fast?