Philips 1000-Watt 5.1 DVD Home Theater System with 1080p Upconversion

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These put out some pretty decent sound for movies and the 1080p up conversion works well. Music needs a lot of tweaking in order for it to not sound tinny. System menus can be difficult to navigate sometimes.

Only big problem I have seen from my job is a high return rate for the DVD drives breaking, not sure if its a general issue or just a bad batch at my work. Other than that I do like these for a cheap system.

Looks like there is a region free hack for this thing, but description doesn’t mention anything about PAL capabilities…

Does it read/play/convert PAL disks? Because if it doesn’t, then region free would provide only a limited benefit…

72 reviews at Google Products

I’d be very careful to make sure the speaker connectors are available and easily wired. I got bit by one of these before, and simply could not find speaker connectors! I see no connectors in this package…

I skipped buying this in the store because the the proprietary speaker connections. Good catch.

Its seems like all the home theater kits do this now, which is a shame.

Took me forever to splice all the connectors for my Panasonic…

Sold out on Overstock @ $179.99

someone has one used one eBay for $129.99 shipped. has it for $139.98 shipped to NY. (as does, the same company as (also refurb)

$144.95 shipped on eBay from another seller (also refurb)

woot definitely cheapest.

Some users have reported that the subwoofer won’t play in certain modes. If you encounter that problem, you need to upgrade the firmware to v30, which is available here.

I bought this 2 months ago when sellout.woot had this for sale at the same price.

Now, my situation may not be typical and results may vary… but the fan on mine started to go, making a knocking sound only a month in, and when turned off it makes this variable high pitch squeal, that a first we had no idea where it was coming from… until i turned it on went away.

Luckily it’s still within the 90 day warranty so, I called Phillips/IBM and they said with a dollar and a my credit card on file they’ll send me a replacement with a box to send back with my old one. Also, the PS3 connection goes out after boot-up chime, and I have to “search for channel” to get sound. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the unit, the PS3 audio setup or the TOSlink cable, we’ll see when the new unit arrives any day now.

Other than that… the unit works great and is loud and clear. DVDs look great, watching movies through USB/divx is perfect (no lag), and the up-conversion makes me very happy. Most nights i don’t even have it past 7 it’s so loud and clear, bass is amazing.

Here it is @ walmart with some reviews

The difference between PAL and NTSC is some height of the screen. I do not own this player, but I own several other Phillips DVD players. I have watched Divx files encoded up to 720x576 (the PAL video size) without any problems. The unit handles the information and displays it on the screen.


The DivX support is a nice feature of this unit as, in places that allow it, you can make a backup of several of your child’s favorite movies onto 1 disc and keep the expensive masters safely out of their grubby hands. Phillips units have a robust online “hacker” community who release modified firmwares to correct “problems” they see with menu support and other things in Phillips players.

The USB port suggests this unit also can read flash or external hard drives containing properly formatted DivX content. Not that I would suggest that this means if you missed an episode of your favorite show you could then download it and watch it on your TV commercial free instead of the tiny few online options available.

And remember the DivX DVD player support mantra -
resolution no larger than 720x576
Packed bitstream: yes or no either works althou on slow media can cause stutter.
QPel:No won’t work
GMC:No won’t work
Aspect ratio:Square pixels
Quant type:H.263/MPEG

MPEG4 Modifier a very useful program to tell you the answers to these questions about your AVI files.

Yes it will play Divx from the USB or burned to a disc. The only disc my player has ever had problems with was a home Dual Layer disc, and it just took it longer to read the contents than a single layer disc.

As always your mileage may vary.

Seriously contemplating this woot. My surround sound just went out yesterday and this might be a good replacement until I can afford something better. I have a small living room, so this would probably work pretty well. What do you think?

BTW, I was hoping they would have something like this on the woot Happy Hour this afternoon, and here it is on sellout.woot! Could woot have heard my cries of anguish when Happy Hour ended?? You never know…

I have one of these. Its decent, but the stupid connectors are annoying when you use it in a room that isn’t the size of a closet. I’ve been trying to find a way to extend the wires without modifying the speakers themselves but nobody sells the connectors.

How long are the wires?

Does anyone know if the iPod dock will play video from the newer generation iPod touches and iPhones with updated firmware? (It seems that the iPhone OS 3.0 update prevented a lot of non-Apple video cables from working.)

It only does audio from the dock, and my 3GS says its incompatible and ask if it should go into airplane mode

You guys better call Stephen Hawking quick! If this thing is really 1000 Watts yet it only draws 180 Watts from the wall, we’ve got a serious breach of the law of conservation of energy.

Until this system has been fully analyzed by top physicists, I don’t think you can call this thing safe. For all we know, a wormhole could pop right out of it at any moment and transport you back in time to meet Buddha!

Or something like that, anyway.