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Philips 1000-Watt 5.1 DVD Home Theater System with 1080p Upconversion [Refubished] - $109.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips HTS3372D DVD Home Theatre System w/1080p Upconversion, HDMI, DivX and iPod Dock

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I am new to the Home Theatre System set up, so can someone explain to me why there would be an HDMI output, but no HDMI inputs?

Seems odd.

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Just curious - are the surround speakers wireless?

I was considering this unit for my home theater, but the speakers were a little too puny for my needs. I need the windows to be on the verge of shattering during the THX test sounds.

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The bad news is, they are NOT wireless… The good news is, the wires ARE included…

:slight_smile: Thanks!

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It has an HDMI output so that it can push the 1080p upconverted video to the HDTV (as almost no TV/DVD player supports upconverting/upscaling over component cables. There are no inputs because this is really meant to be a simple, self-contained unit. Not to mention its cheap. HDMI inputs are only now becoming more standard inclusions on receivers, and video/audio pass-through tends to be reserved for more expensive receivers.

Does Steven Hawking know about this?

Power consumption: 180 W
Output power (RMS): 6×167W

How can the input power be 180 Watts and the output be 1000 Watts?

Maybe this is better than cold fusion?

No AM radio? How will old people listen to unbearable commercial talk radio?

You are correct. Normally the HDMI connectivity would come from a DVD or Bluray player. This has an integrated DVD player that up converts to 1080p. Would have been nice to have at least 1 HDMI input.

My TV has a “SPDIF out”. If I connect this to the home theater system, can I watch from my HD cable system and listen through the home theater system?

Will this require the use of more than 1 remote?


You should be able to it has both coaxial and optical digital audio inputs. Does your cable box have volume control? You would need variable audio levels to be able to control the audio via the tv or cable system. I don’t believe the digital audio output would be variable.

How will they ship it?
Via which carrier and by using what kind of service?
I am new here.

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