Philips 1000-Watt 5.1 DVD Home Theater System with 1080p Upconversion

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$20 cheaper this time.

Those speakers look awfully small, except for that massive subwoofer. Does this system deliver?

I’ve passed on these the last few times I’ve seen them on woot…(unless it was a similar 5.1 setup from Philips)

Anyone that got these care to weigh in on how good they sound for a small apartment? I’m not super picky on sound but I would like to have a decent solution that is an upgrade over built-in speakers.

Nah man, small speakers can produce massive sound so long as the load on them isn’t below their frequency response capabilities. This is where a decent subwoofer does the trick. What you DO have to look out for is proprietary speaker connectors. Unless you like splicing wires, you cant really use the system with any OTHER speakers if you have better ones. This set does have proprietary connectors. Huge bummer.

While i don’t have this exact system, I do have an OLDER Philips DVD HTB (Home Theater in a Box). It had amazing sound, and never gave me issues. For $99 it isn’t bad at all. Just be aware that it uses proprietary speaker connectors, so you can’t upgrade speakers or replace one, should you get over-zealous with the volume and blow one. Take it for what it is worth.

1000 watts? Probably more like 1000 watts WLS, (When Lightning Strikes).

The item description says 6x167 watts RMS, which I find a bit nebulous, as no speakers that tiny would need anything over 75W, and the sub-woofer would almost certainly draw much more power. But seeing as how the claim is in RMS watts, on their word alone, it is a true 1000 (1002, actually) watt system. Hrmmm…

you might want to get the Extended Warranty mine
bricked at 97 days. Up until then it was a great system for a smaller area like a bedroom or smaller living room.(It just quit powering up)
I would like to know if there may be a reasonable fix or if I now own a large paper weight.

I have two older versions of Philips HTB’s and I recommend them wholeheartedly. They have good volume and are a massive improvement over most flat panel tv speakers. They are also efficient and have decent FM tuners and DVD players integral, so they are an all-in-one solution. This set has HDMI output and upscales to 1080p, so it’s a good DVD player too.
The proprietary speaker connections are no big deal, splicing wires in the event that you want to change a speaker is as simple as using a knife and twisting two copper wires together (you can do that, eh?). Keep in mind that the speakers are a nominal 4ohm, which is how they produce alot of sound from a smaller amp. Mine have lasted over 4 years with no problems…this is a good price, too.

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Check to see if the cooling fan is working. If not, it’s an easy fix to replace the fan with a new computer-sized plastic fan (a $5 item).

It is a Class-D amp. Clean power.
This has good surround sound effect, too.

region code hack

Turn on the player
With the tray open press:
99990 on the remote
Region 0 will appear on the bottom left of the screen

Any way to plug in any digital audio? xbox? etc via optical or coax? or is the only input for an ipod, seems kind of useless to have a sound system that only works with dvd’s

Check out the photos on the front page. Click on the “rear connections” pic, and you will see a variety of inputs.
This unit has more inputs available than in the past. Some HTB’s don’t have any inputs at all, as they provide video and FM themselves; they usually focus on outputs.

Oh, god, woot, why do you tempt me so? Here’s hoping it’s sold out by the time I wake up tomorrow.

I have my speaker wire run in my house already. Will I be able to hook into the back of the small speakers with my plain speaker wire? Old fashioned spliced left and right.

Fans working fine any other thoughts? (fuse also ok)