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Philips 1080p 42” LCD HDTV [Refurbished] - $499.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips 42PFL3704D 1080p 42” LCD HDTV with 3 HDMI Inputs

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how are the speakers on this baby?

Looks like yesterday’s woot’s younger brother.

Here’s a Previous Woot

Looks like you can only connect a computer to it with HDMI. Possibly PC and MAC compatible.

Here’s the friendly manual.

and reviews at cnet

and Amazon

and finally, links at retrevo

Lol, look at that big ol’ dungball

Google price comparison

I was just reading that. They froogle for $555 new. $579 shipped free from Amazon warehouse deals used.(open box) 661 free shipping for new from Amazon
They give you a 30 money back guarantee on most items

I got the previous Woot and am very happy with it. I am a broadcast engineer and use monitors costing 20 times this, but they don’t look any better. The only negative thing are the rear facing speakers, but that is true of almost all TV’s these days. Use an external amp and speakers if you want the best sound.

I only look at the TV/computer deals to see what’s on the screen : - P


I just got this TV in a bag of crap!

It’s sitting in my bedroom and looks great with the PS3 running Blu-ray and Final Fantasy 13. I wish I had a HD DirecTV box for that room, but alas…just standard def on there.

But yeah, the picture’s nothing to quibble over, good looking TV, very bright colors…I’m pretty much a Samsung fanboy, but I was very surprised to see how competitive the “other” brands are these days, very nice.

Note that the $555 new price isn’t new, it’s open box and they charge $175 shipping.

So this has a USB port but won’t play back AVI files? Wasted opportunity.

i chickened out on buying last time it was on woot. looked around and couldn’t find a better price otherthan out of box/display models. can’t wait to get this

Has anyone’s order status changed to SHIPPED yet? Mine has not, should I be worried?

I just got the tracking number today, delivery is expected on Tuesday. I wouldn’t worry unless yours still hasn’t shipped by Monday or so.

Shipping Update

Philips 1080p 42” LCD HDTV has completely shipped. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.