Philips 1080p 42” LCD HDTV

bedroom tv!!

DEATH for a w00t off.

That’s my show!

little tempted…

edit: nevermind 60hz…

A Philips? AND it’s refurbished? No thank you, woot.

I’m so happy this picture is back, I can’t wait to see the conversation this time!

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Not the best buy, I have this same one, and unless you are playing blueray, the quality suffers.

I bought one of these a few Woot-Offs ago. I love it and haven’t had any issues with it. The sound isn’t top-quality, but that’s nothing that the surround-sound didn’t fix!

60hz? boooo, but I guess for $500 that is what you get in the 42" range

$660 new at amazon…


$628 new at wal mart
$479 for a refurb at amazon, $661 new on amazon

everywhere i read has really good reviews of this tv though

I purchased this tv new from costco like 3 years ago. It is great, I haven’t had any problems.

At least there are only 30?

But hey, I had 11 hours or so to kill anyways.


Does it have picture in picture?

A tv…guess it is time for lunch

Yes - the base is removable.