Philips 1080p 42” LCD HDTV

42" ?

Looks like 2" to me.

42"? The ruler makes it look a bit more than 2".

How odd, this TV doesn’t seem to be on the Phillips website.

You mean this Philips website?

Manual and firmware update contained within.

cnet review


Amazon link

And also, for anyone out there wanting this, here’s a spiffy review.

Now this one has some soze to it, and the p’s are the right amount of p’s

Good warranty on this refurb? (Rox0rz!)

Well crap. Just spent my bonus on a new PC build 2 days ago and now this shows up. There is no woot god

Discussion from a Previous Woot

Always buy Squaretrade. They have bought 2 computers and 1 TV when they died and couldn’t be fixed. For the original price!
They send the repairman to your home.

And remember to use the promo code THIRTY30 for 30% off if it’s your first Squaretrade warranty or TWTYOFF for 20% off

I bought this TV on a previous wooting! I love it!! The picture quality is great.

Here’s the manual

A few disgruntled buyers. (broken TV’s, missing pieces, defective TV’s
It looks like about 20-30 just by the forums had bad TV’s
That’s not counting those who didn’t post in the forums.

caveat emptor!

Re: Mr. ‘Caveat Emptor’ he is right in… general, however I purchased a Magnavox 37inch 720P TV in May of 2007 (made my Phillips). It had a problem during the first month, but they (authorized repair) and fixed it and it ran fantastic since them. I paid 540.00 and just sold it for 440.00 after 3 + years of great service. I also have had great experience with Squaretrade for they send techs out who are authorized to fix unit (cheaper for them to fix unit) and if they can’t… you get a full refund!

Hence, I would always get Squaretrade!

great price. overstock has this same tv (refurb) for $618.49.

Same here. I got it a two woot-offs ago (6/24) to replace an LG 42" which developed some HDMI problems after a storm went through (the TV was the same price as my deductible and let me keep the LG which works with other inputs.)

It’s exactly what it says. 42" 1080p 60Hz. But for 95% of people and uses, that’s more than enough.

I had to buy a 42 inch LG and sold my 47 inch Philips because it is such a horrible tv. It worked fine hdmi to blu ray but it shut itself down after a few minutes hooked to dish network box. Weird but unacceptable to have a hdtv and not be able to hook it to the satellite by any means but analog.

That’s odd indeed.

The Phillips I have (this model) works fantastic with my DirecTV box, PS3, and surround sound receiver all via HDMI.

(Actually the surround receiver is the only thing currently connected to the TV, but I’ve tried all the devices directly as well.)