Philips 1600dpi USB Mouse

I was just thinking that we hadn’t seen nearly enough mice on here yet!

Why not? (I would have posted earlier if it wasn’t for IE8!)



I have this mouse, quality is excellent!

I’d rather have the trackpad

what the heck is with all the philips items :frowning:

lets have like a razor mouse, or razor mouse pad. Or some stuff for us gamers!

this one any good?


not bad, they are $30 on amazon… good deal.

Everyone should get one! I did

Just what I need, another mouse.

is that reflecto porn i see?

That is a lot of camera gear for one little shot of a tiny mouse!

i want my BOC!
bag of crap
b o c

We need more cats this place is infested with mice

What happened?? I tried to get one of those blue tooth ear buds but it went too quick. I knew I should have gone for the 512 memory upgrade when it was listed. Rats.

Woot killer, I bet there’s like 2394872934 of these.