Philips 1600dpi USB Mouse

it looks like the usb receiver can be stored inside, between the batteries

Sold out!

Ooh! This should give me time to floor it home!

Ghost Mouse
This one requires some planning since you’ll need access to your victim’s computer for at least 15 minutes. Get a wireless mouse and install it on your victim’s computer. Unplug their mouse but leave it on their desk so they think it still works. Hide in a place that will allow you to be in range for the wireless mouse. When they sit down to work, start moving the wireless mouse around on the palm of your hand and clicking on applications. From your victim’s perspective, it will look like their mouse is being controlled by a ghost.

Will this work with a Playstation 3?

uggghhhh sold out. dang

They already did at 12:30 this morning.

I need a G5 or a G9

these damned cordless poo poo mice Blow cheese dust!

How am I gonna Snipe some poor bastard Off The Hyperion from the top of the Light house with this mouse?

why do they block out the word bagg of crapp

That mouse has a sweet paint job! Check out the artists rendering of a camera, tripod, camera man, lighting equipment, etc. Wow, and for only ten buck? WHAT A BARGAIN!

Since the pic is on an angle I just cannot tell… anyone know if this mouse is good for either righty or lefty? Thanks.

Wow, there must have been only 1!

ARGH! I wanted that.


Meh… I just purchase 2 wireless mice off of thingfling a couple days ago…

2 shipped to my house for $21

So, Meh…

Philips 1600dpi USB Mouse

  • $5 shipping
    Condition:NewProduct:1 Philips SPM5713BB/27 1600dpi Wireless USB Mouse

Great, just what I always needed! My low-gloss mouse is such a pain to clean. This thing could pay for itself after just a month of twice-daily cleaning!

Guys, my F5 key just broke off…

I go to the bathroom and y’all sell out the cute wee mousie?