Philips 19” LCD HDTV



A bit too small for my taste.



Horrible reviews on this one.


the manufacturer’s site.


85/100 on average from Alatest.,33/

but only 2.8 stars from Buzzillions on average.

… good tv for a kitchen or garage or kids room.


here it is at amazon


Can I use it as a monitor for my computer?


manufacturer’s link


If it could take advantage of my Mac Book Pro’s ability to display in 1080p, I might be tempted. However, since a 19" is unlikely to come in 1080p, I’ll wait for something bigger.


Is HD even necessary on a 19" tv?


Yes, but it will look like garbage probably.


Would this make a good second monitor so that you can procrastinate your homework with some TV


I think this is the correct TV at the website, actually.


I’d say yes you can easily use it as a monitor for your computer as it appears to have a VGA input.


What exactly are the standards for a TV to be “HD”? I mean, this has HDMI input, but it doesn’t reach 1920x1080, which I always thought was the standard for HD.

Any thoughts?


anyone know how good the speaker quality is?


Here is the Cnet review


It’s square! I didn’t think they made square HD displays with HDMI ports.

Still doesn’t make me want one.


Working link

@thisandthis, your link is appending an extra slash on the end, throws a nice 404 error.


“We have not reviewed this product but here is CNET’s buying advice on Flat-panel TVs. This content was chosen based on the features included with this model of flat-panel tv.”

not quite.