Philips 19” LCD HDTV

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Philips 19” LCD HDTV [Refurbished] - $129.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips 19PFL3504D/F7B 19” 720p LCD TV w/2 HDMI

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Mixed reviews at Amazon

What is it that can be refurbished about a TV? Is it safe to think that it is actually just open box?

alot of these might be returned becouse of the huming when off problem but can be fixed with firmware update

Love it. Very watchable for an inexpensive TV. Not bad for the price.

I am looking for something like this I think for watching the baseball games online, my old Dell monitor stinks for action. This is about the size I can use. Do you techie people think this is a good deal (price & product) for that purpose?


I bought one of these when they were up on 1/26 (my choice from the three)
… for this same price - $135.

I’ve been really happy with it! The repack was 2nd class, but it’s worked great so far. I did hedge my bet and buy the Square Trade extended warranty, because the “Warranty: 90 Day P&F” was really nebulous, and when I sent an email to the contact that Woot Staff gave me, the person basically said “How did you get my email address!?” - and promised to forward my question - then no one got back to me (in time) from “P&F” = Phillips & Fuani" -

P&F USA, Inc.
3015 Windward Plaza, Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30005

I did find that these were refurbed by “Ozark Electronics” which is not a consumer friendly company to get info on.

As I said, the Square Trade extension is a good plan with these! They have a promo right now with 20% off if you use the promo code “PREMADNESS”

All in all, a purchase that I would make again. The set-up was a snap and the picture is great. As a bonus, I hooked it up to my Comcast High Speed Internet cable with a splitter, and found that “Limited Cable” is FREE and unscrambled in Seattle! They are charging $13+ to sign on for all the local stations, along with the public info (Weather Channel, CSPANs, Community, UW etc - as well as Discovery, Hallmark, RTV, THiS…), but when I hook the cable up to my old analogue 32" Sony. I do not get the HD/digital channels (such as 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2… as well as the audio/FM feeds, so for me, this has been a really good buy so far!

I had thought of just getting one of the converter boxes for my old set, but the picture on this puts the 32" Sony Trinitron to shame!

I also bought a NEW Philips DVD player to go with this: “Philips DVP5990/F7 DVD Player with 1080p HDMI Upconversion and DivX” ($50 - Amazon w/shipping, and they are a great combo! Having the USB port on the DVD player makes too much sense!

To round out the system, I got one of the “Philips SJM3152/17 RF Universal Remote Control for iPod with iPod Cradle/Dock/Charger/AV Connection Kit” Woot ($29) and my “Altec Lansing M604 Powered Audio System for Zune” from Woot for $39 a couple of years ago.

All in all it’s a great bedroom sight & system for $255! The 19" TV is best viewed @ 40-50" away, so it’s just about perfect - having one remote for everything (TV, DVD, iPod, Altec Lansing M604 speakers w/Zune Dock, VCR & Philips compact stereo/tuner/CD) is really slick!

Being an “old-timer” in his 50’s, I compare this to the 15" off-branded color TV that I bought for $500 in 1977 for my parents ($500.00 in 1977 had about the same buying power as $1,855.23 in 2010) - Amazing!

Annual inflation over this period was about 4.05%.

About the only thing that I have not tried is hooking my computer to the Philips 19" TV.

“I am always searching for great deals on electronics, recently I have been looking for a small TV for my bedroom and I came across this philips 19’ refurb for $134. I was a bit skeptical and read the reviews, most reviews were negative especially on the refurbished models. I went and purchased the TV anyway since I have had success with refurbished electronics in the past. Well this was my first bad experience, the reviews were true to their word. The power for the TV stopped working and i was no longer able to turn the TV on or off with the remote and this was the third day i had it, the only way i could get it to come on was to unplug the TV from the wall for a while. I called philips and they offered me the same model refurbished i said no thanks, I returned it and purchased a samsung 19’ for $170, this TV had the best ratings and the fewest problems it is a little more expensive and the TV must be sitting at eye level to see the best picture, but i would rather have a TV with a little bit of an obscure viewing angle then a TV that doesn’t turn on.”
Quote from reviewer on amazon.

No, these have been repacked, it’s not the original packing material, and there are no batteries with the remote. The box is brown, and does have “Philips” on the side, but mine was definitely not new. As I said in the other post, it was a 2nd class job of repacking - they were refurbished by “Ozark Electronics” - but so far I am really pleased with the set. Buy the Square Trade warranty though - and hedge your bets a bit!

Only the original retailer can sell an item as “open box.” Once the item is returned to the manufacturer, or sent to a third-party refurbisher (e.g. Ozark), it must then be repackaged and marked as refurbished.

So a refurbed item may be only a return, or there could have been something wrong with it.

In any case, your advice on SquareTrade is spot on.

Square Trade promo code “PREMADNESS” gives you 20% off until March 15th!

Square Trade just gives you parts and labor warranty. If the refurbished tv is just a dud in general, it will not get you another tv. They’ll just tinker with your current one.

Here’s a CNET review. It’s a lot better than their reviews for previous models in this line.

I got this the last time around, I really like it. The only thing I don’t like is that I’ve got an old cable box and it works out better to use the S-Video port, but the only one on the TV is on the side so it looks kind of funny with the cables plugged into the side. Other then that it’s worked out great for a small bedroom TV.

The first 90 days should show if it’s a dud, and the “P&F” 90 day Warranty will be the recourse. After 90 days is my concern and Square Trade promises to fix it or refund the purchase price if it’s not been abused.

As for warranty, buying new, Costco is still the best - they extend the mfg warranty to 2 years, and they are a lot easier to deal with (and more convenient if they are in your state) than 99% of stores - on-line or brick & mortar.

As a bonus to the economy, they (Costco) actually pay their employees a good wage & have decent benefits!

Some of these Philips 19 inch sets have an issue that shows up after a few weeks. The set will refuse to turn on. I have two of these. One is fine, the other has this issue.

To “fix” it, you unplug it for about 10 minutes, then plug it back in, and it is fine for another week or so. If you always leave it on, you probably won’t see the problem.

It may be that it’s a power surge issue. I have mine plugged into the same outlet as the refrigerator (it sits on top). The other one that doesn’t have this issue is on a separate line.

If you charge with American Express, they double your warranty period for free.
Not a bad deal.

DON’T BUY A REFURBISHED PHILLIPS!!! I purchased this model as a Christmas present from WOOT in October. My son opened it on Christmas Day. One month later, and 5 days out of the 90 day warranty, it stopped working! When I contacted Phillips regarding the circumstances behind the purchase and went into service, they basically said “too bad!” I will never purchase another Phillips/Magnavox product.