Philips 1GB MP3 Player with Voice Recorder



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Philips SA1210/37 1GB MP3 Player with Voice Recorder
condition: New

$17.99 + $5 shipping


I just bought a 1GB sansa c240 that was much better – altohugh a refurb, but it’s in near-mint if not mint – from woot. Sorry, sellout, not this time.


can this be played while plugged in/charging not to a computer but a charger?


meh, I dunno thats a bit steep for woot… what size is it?


Already have a 1gb sandisk


Mer, I just bought an mp3 player. No need for another one


I’d rather the lead with video option for a few bucks more.

This is overpriced. Visit the Philips outlet. Most items are returned to to lack of support.


Santa does indeed love tha Wu. They’ve got a point there…


Can this be RockBox’d?


my sansa was better and cheaper. refurb yes but i would rather have the sansa than this.


“That cool screwdriver that makes an little plus shape.” Er…Woot? Don’t you mean “a little plus shape?” Also, over at shirt.woot–no apostrophe!!!


I have a 40G iPod and have only loaded about 20G on by now. I doubt I could use just 1G in a different MP3 player.


Don’t think of it as an ugly 1GB MP3 player… think of it as an ugly 1GB voice recorder. Thanks for the stocking stuffer woot.


Uhh, the guy that wrote our national anthem wasn’t named Philips…

It was Francis Scott Key.


expandable memory?


great for me …
i was looking for a ~$20 mp3 player to take with when i work out since i dont want to drop my $400 ipod touch in for 1


I have a feeling this might make a better gift for the tech-illiterate than the sansa i ordered last week. Might be in for 1…


I just got two. This is a great deal because 1) it’s drag and drop, 2) it takes common battery, and 3) it isn’t a refurb!

Noice! :stuck_out_tongue:


Easy to use, great stocking stuffer, and cheap. In for one.