Philips 1GB MP3 Player



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Philips 1GB MP3 Player SA1110/37
condition: New

$19.99 + $5 shipping


Ugh its so tempting…but i just don’t need something that does what my phone can already do.


1 GB Think i’ll pass


bah! I bought this for $10 more a month ago, and this wasn’t even on the wootoff.

Not sellout.woot worthy.


sellout.woot sure is getting hot… makes me happy… here’s the useful linkage blog… for comparison shopping site comparisons… reviews and all that as well…


Does today’s speaker work with today’s woot?


bought it when it was on the main page.
works great as a cheap toss around for walking/riding to class


I got my niece something like this for Xmas last year. Might not have been the same model but it looks very, very, very similar.

The thing was a pain in the a$$. Display is tiny, buttons feel fumbled.

Think I paid the same price too (in a store!).

I’m passing.


Bah, I’ve already got a one gig MP3 player. Plus, I’ve got a 30 gig Zune on it’s way here from Monday’s woot. If I didn’t have that going for me, I’d totally be all over this.


Is this thing expandable or am I going to have to daisy chain a whole bunch of them together?


Price wise. I wouldn’t say it has all the features of a one gig iPod, as my sister had one, and it looked MUCH nicer than this.

But if you’re looking for a cheap MP3 player, go for it.


For us untechy people, about how many MP3 formatted songs can fit into a 1 gig player?


do tell…


read description…


where is that deal?


I bought the Zune the other day, I have about six Sansa MP3 players, and I bought one of these. What is WRONG with me?? Oh well, one player for each of my many podcasts, and I don’t have to erase any of them, and the Zune for lots of music and some of my pictures…I figured the headsets are worth ten bucks alone…and I get free AAA batteries from work, slightly used, good for running them down in a MP3 player…


No. It is what it is…


did you just use the 80’s term “daisy chain”??? i haven’t heard that since the techies were saying it at a G n’ R concert


I have one. It’s OK, but expected something better from Philips. Worth the cost, but don’t expect too much.