Philips 2.1 Speaker System

at least they look cool.

do they?

Philips 2.1 Speaker System
$29.99 + $5 shipping

1 Philips MMS430G/17 2.1 Speaker System

Wow, these are ugly.

I bought a Logitech 5.1 speaker set from Amazon for this price (w/ free shipping), so this is not a great deal…and that was 5 years ago. Thanks, but no woot!

Make it a 5.1 and I’ll buy it…

Yeah, they make my 2.1 Set of Altec Lansing Speakers look Lame.

I like the looks

Yeah, but these probably have just as much Wattage as yours do.

Heres a better link.


Heh, props for the Zardoz reference.

How heavy is this? Is it designed to be portable?

Yeah, if not more wattage…

HAHAHA, I totally missed that!

stupid question… wheres the volume/bass controls?

2.1 for 34.99 ?? Don’t think it’s decent.

Here is a CHEAPER Link

Cheap Froogle

From the click-to picture, it looks like there’s possibly a knob on the back of the woofer for the “bass boost”. Otherwise volume is probably controlled by whatever you plug them into.

Nice pretty blue color… looking for hot pink…