Philips 22” 720p LCD HDTV

The 32" earlier was a much better deal.

Quick. Name the movie.

So many TV’s this woot off…pass.

I might wait for a better one.

Can I get a Woot Woot?!?!

Bah!!! I already told you people… 37" or bigger!


245 on amazon, 3 and a half star review.

I got the 42" Philips through Woot last month and love it. It lacks a few features that I’d like to see, but I think it was worth the money. My PS3 looks amazing on it.

Amazon link with reviews :

$180 looks like a pretty good deal for that giant alien tripod thing … oh, wait … the giant alien tripod thing probably wants to KILL US ALL

I haven’t been in the market for TVs for a few months, but this seems like a pretty bad price–especially for a refurb.

Looks like a version of War of the Worlds.

I have one of these TVs. The picture is kind of small, you wouldn’t want to watch it more than 8 or 10 feet away. We have it in the bedroom and it is hard to see the scores of basketball games.

Don’t worry about it being 720p, on a screen this size you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 720.

If this has the right connections it could make a decent monitor.

But as a TV its only an okay deal.

Just avoid Philips TVs altogether.

That’s the stage from U2’s 360 Tour!!

Looks like Mars attack

Probably not.


that’s what she said…