Philips 23 inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV

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Philips 23" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips 23" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV 23PF5320/28

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Im in for one

What is the cartoon image on the screen from?

Good kitchen TV, but high 16ms= bad!

looks good enough to go for a kitchen tv.

Is this a good tv? good deal?

23" Ouch, my monitor is a 22". I’ll pass. :smiley:

Points for using Howl’s Moving Castle in the product picture, but, I’m poor!

This is not a bad deal for 23 inch HD ready… I paid the same price less than a year ago for a 17 inch Polaroid HD LCD

yea kitchen tv

720p? No thanks.

HD ‘Ready’? Double no thanks.

Howl’s moving castle.


The thing is, 1366×768 is an uncomfortable middle ground HD resolution, between 720p and 1080i/p. Great price, though.

no HDMI =(

23" ??? At this price ? What am I missing?

let me be the first to say… “whaaaat, no HDMI, nah.”

one of the best deals on a 23" that’s not a no name that’s new that i have ever seen. for some reason, most times the 23" is more expensive than a 26/27" model. go figure

so tempted to get this for my gf, but lack of a dvd player AND NTSC/ATSC(or QAM whatever) makes it a no go. good price though for what it is!