Philips 23 inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV

"What is the cartoon image on the screen from? "

Howl’s Moving Castle.

A great animated movie by Miyazaki (same guy that did Princess Mononoke, The Cat Returns, Spirited Aways, and a bunch more)

Pass NO HD TUNER - “HD Ready” is a dead give away.

i don’t have a cable box… yipes… who does?.. man, tv’s are way more hi-tech than this… i thought… I might be totally lost on this topic though… Useful Linkage is Up ayways… hurray.

Contrast ratio is 450:1 No thanks.

It’s a shot from Howl’s Moving Castle

Not a bad woot… 300 bux for a 23 inch widescreen HD ready tv is pretty darn good.

Anyone have experience using an HD tv as a monitor?

looks nice, but its a bit small and i dont have that kinda cash right now…

Who would want 1080i/p on a 23" tv? It wouldnt be noticeable.

Just bought a 32" Akai…bedtime!


16 MS, and No ASTC Tuner - Pass on it and save your money. Should be sold in K Mart or Walmark.

And what exactly would you use a tuner for?

does it come with a wall mount too??

how does HD get to this TV? by DVI? F-Type?

How old are these units ?

Thought it was Philips magnavox. Maybe I have been under a rock and they dropped the magnavox all together ?

Seems like a good price, but buying a TV that is HD ready instead of one with the HD tuner built in seems like a bad idea at this point.

Funny that it has DVI instead of HDMI too since most sets made the switch a year or two ago. Sure, you can get adapters, but then you need one cable for audio and one for video.

Many other current sets in the size have both the tuner and HDMI.

the max resolution you can get is 1280x720, but usually they don’t look so great and the picture overcrops on most hdtvs. But, it’ll work.

Ugh… 450:1? My $120 19" monitor has a 700:1 and that can still be nearly unwatchably gray in dark movies. No way I’d drop to 450:1.

It’s from an animated movie called Howl’s Moving Castle. An excellent film. My daughter and I love it.

Too bad Philips/Magnavox seems to be more of a gimmick company than anything. Have you seen thier new OmniSound $800 home theatre bar? Even the new Ambilight is just a bunch of crap too. At the same time I believe this TV sold at Best Buy and Sears at around $500 new. Keep in mind though that on Feb. 17th 2009, this TV will REQUIRE a cable box as it does NOT have a digital tuner in it