Philips 25’ High Speed HDMI Cable

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Philips 25’ High Speed HDMI Cable
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips SWV3435S/17 25’ High Speed HDMI Cable, 4X 1080p

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woot its x4 1080p

will this work with my ipad?

do i need an adapter?

get wikkid wit it

This is a pretty good deal if anyone is looking for a long cable. However, it would be nice to know the gauge of the wire. High end HDMI cables for long distances are typically 22 or 24 gauge.

Why do I want or need a 25’ HDNI cable?

A good deal…if you have a ceiling projector mounted behind your couch.
(25 ft away from your movie player.):slight_smile:

25’? Because my Blu-Ray player isn’t near my TV, it’s next door?

I’m helping a friend of mine install a ceiling mounted projector. This will be perfect for that.

I know we’re digital now, but Monster Cables are still awesomer than this cable. You’re 1s will be more 1ish and yours 0s more 0ish with a monster cable. I wouldn’t risk binary code to some Philip guy. You might get 0.99s and 0.01s and that is unacceptable for my digital hardware.

Also, make sure you plug the tv into your Wattgate 381 audio grade duplex socket.

Wonders what are some the reasons or situations one would need a 25 foot long HDMI cable.?

when a 24’ just isn’t enough

This is an amazing price. It’s $48 on Amazon.

trying to figure out why you would need a 25 foot hdmi cable…

but on a useful note I would like to say that this is a hdmi 1.4 standard so it support 3D and Ethernet channel.

This is great for hooking my laptop up to my 50" LCD!

This appears to be a good price if you need a 25 footer. The cheapest I could find at MonoPrice is $12 + whatever shipping.

One could set up a home theater PC a bit of a ways away from the TV and connect the two using a long HDMI cable. Personally, I have no space for a desktop PC (the preferable format for my needs) behind/around my TV, so setting it up in an other part of the room requires a long cable. This would probably do.

in for 3, I mean why not hdmi cables are so spendy may as well get them cheap when I can

Here it is in the Philips store…

$80, not including shipping

Way to go, Woot!

What side wire gauge?

This length is good for hooking PC’s up to TVs.