Philips 25’ High Speed HDMI Cable

thats a long HDMI cable

That’s a short woot.

Sweet, needed these for my laptops to tv, in for 2, fantastic deal if you ask me!!

My 1st first. I’m so excited. It’s gonna be a great day!

I bought one of these on an old woot, and it didn’t seem to work. My computer says “oh a TV is hooked up” but my TV didn’t get any signal.

I looked into it, and sure enough, there’s no reason that should happen. I called customer service, and was promptly promised a new one. It took like two weeks, but it showed up and had a prepaid return envelope for the dud.

Good customer service, and the new one works fine. This thing will hold a shape, so at first, it will be coil-shaped and you’ll have to ease it into whatever shape you want. It’s a thick cable.