Philips 288P6LJEB-B 28" 4K 1ms Monitor

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Philips 288P6LJEB-B 28" 4K 1ms Monitor
Price: $219.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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10/27/2017 - $219.99

Ok I’m extremely curious as to know whether or not ANY ONE that has Anything to do with WOOT Officially, Actually took Even 5 Seconds to read the Description section that is currently posted for this Phillips Monitor? Because it looks like someone with a 3rd graders IQ wrote it, because it makes absolutely NO Sense whatsoever & looks like Each individual sentence was written by different 3rd graders that have no contact with each other!! Seriously I should be rewarded in someway for WOOT for finding such a large error & actually saying something about it!

Are you new here?

What part are you talking about?

The features and specs came straight from Philips.

The creative write-up is just that.

what’s so unusual about it? other than they keep spelllling “Philips” with 2 Ls?

“Lemme 'splain…
No. Is too much. Lemme sum up…”

“If it was anybody else, I’d say what’s going to happen to you would be a lesson to you. Only you’re going to need more than one lesson. And you’re going to get more than one lesson…”

One of the pictures shows the monitor rotated 90 degrees. Does the mouse move correctly when it’s rotated? I’m guessing it does.

That’s up to your computer, not the monitor. All modern OSs support monitor rotation.

Your reward is woot will refund all your previous woot purchases.

On top of that, they managed to misspell the brand name of the product about 6 times.

There are no such things as editors on the Internet.

We were running a test to see how many read the write-ups. You passed. :tongue:

The only strange spec is the “Computer Memory Type”

Yeah, that’s a weird one. We removed it.