Philips 2GB GoGear Spark Media Player

they keep doin’ twofers. maybe gonna be a two bagger!

you spelled it wrong

80gb ipod… 16gb iphone… yea I could totally use this!

monkey has to be coming after this thing is gone.

Predictions on the Bag of Crap?

Yeah, but somebody at Woot found another crate in the dumpster

Check the blog history. It was this afternoon,

Yeah this was on sellout yesterday for the exact same price. I’ve also seen quite a few items come up more than once. Last time I checked, if they sell it twice in a day, or twice in an hour, they probably aren’t sold out. Come on Woot, please do it right or bring on the monkey.

is this compatible with my onion knife?

Since we’ve already seen the bag of crap, what are the odds of this going for a third day?

Any guesses?

There was one this afternoon for 5 seconds or so.

utter fail. maybe those m-audio earbuds will come back, i need to snag me a pair of those. heres hoping for some carp!

Get ready for 250+ posts that read “Wasn’t this on here yesterday?”

I can related to the description. I’m months behind on my podcasts, but I can’t bring myself to delete any more than I already have.

On the Media is in the queue. Edited by Brooke.

Again…another big seller in Utah.

the server hamsters were chawing on it

the baby happened this afternoon. this item is gonna take a while to sell out…

TWO GIGS??!? That’s like putting twenty records IN YOUR POCKET. What’s next, flying cars?

Someone bought WAYYYYY too many shitty philip’s mp3 players…