Philips 2GB GoGear Spark Media Player

here’s the product website

and a user manual

The product website and manual.

It’s neat to see redirecting to However, sellout.woot still says “in partnership with Yahoo shopping.” Is this just temporary? I’d rather see it redirect to deals.woot. Yahoo shopping doesn’t load anyway unless I refresh it a time or two…

CNet’s very good review with video

There’s a thorough review at

One of their negative points was the price, but Woot has fixed that.

Looks like this does mount as a mass storage device, so Mac/Linux support = OH YEAH!

Edit: Amazon says this does work as a mass storage device, but anythingbutipod say it’s MTP-only. MTP will work in Linux with something like Rockbox or Amarok, but Mac users will be out of luck. YMMV.

I need a replacement for my old IRiver S10 player. This looks like a worthy choice. And it costs much less than the S10 did. I hope I like it as well.

I’m actually in the market for a small cheap MP3 player. I’m sick of my Zune, and realized I don’t actually want to carry around the majority of my music with me.

Both reviews posted so far cited good battery life, which I love, and drag-and-drop is awesome. The only negatives were it was expensive (something Woot took care of) and you can’t strap it to yourself when you go running (something I don’t do anyway).

In for one.

(And yes, I’m kicking myself for not getting the Sansa posted on the main Woot site recently).

I like the Sansas at about 1/2 the price. All the same stuff except for the pics.

I Think it is a pain that sellout is redirecting to “deals” If I want to look at deals.woot, I would go there. It looks as though deals.woot isn’t cutting it as Woot feels they have to redirect you there instead of just letting you get to sellout.

FWIW, while I’m not familiar with MTP, if this can be Rockboxed, it oughtta work with a Mac. I have no trouble using my Rockboxed iPod with my Macs.

Please,somebody stop me. I don’t have enough ears for all the MP-3 players Woot keeps taunting me with!

Great deal for a good little player. I’ve had one for a month and a half now.

-Sounds good with great battery life. I’ve never drained the battery yet.
-Color screen with a good interface.
-Nice screen saver mode. It can be used to display album art and be set to dim to conserve battery life.

-It takes 13 seconds to turn on
-128x128 resolution screen. 200x200 would better display album art or pictures.
-No video option. I don’t care about this but someone might.
-Not sexy thin
-I haven’t found a way to add more playlists.
-Adding songs to the on the go playlists is a slow process. Instead, I organize and play songs by genre.
-In order to see the clock it has to be set as the screen saver.

mmhmm. I’d rather see a Books.woot or Garden.woot or Pets.woot or Jewelry.woot. Deals.woot just seems like a big waste of a site to me. shrug

Is spark really a good name for an electronic device?

Yeah, I mean perhaps I don’t understand how it works, but it seems it links to stuff at other sites; and I really don’t trust some of those other sites with my information

Do they have something to hold it in while running? I haven’t been able to find anything yet online. If they did then I would be sold. Otherwise I’ll wait for the next woot mp3 player.

I may have found a place for you to put it:

The ABI review is for the “R” version, one of the comments below it says the “A” version (like this woot) is MSC capable.