Philips 3-Outlet Travel Power Strip

first i hope

Not a lot of binoculars I see

Because it’s impossible to fit a real power strip in your laptop bag?

This is the kind of garbage I’d expect to see at a Big Lots.

Deja vu.

use the coupon use the coupon

soooooo much crap

Now they’re just screwing with us

I’d buy this if I needed something stupid.

Is it me or is woot turning into a dollar store !??!

Remember: it’s NOT a surge protector.


Shoulda bought the knife.

why is is it i seem to spend more in shipping than in crap

9 dollars amazon

Use the Force

In for 3 as gifts for family members I don’t like - using Coupon

why woot?! why must you keep tying to make me go to bed with this ridiculous stuff…

10 INCH cord

not 10 foot!

The serendipity coupon doesn’t work :frowning:
What am I doing wrong?