Philips 32” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

1080p is not really necessary for a 32"

Bummer just bought a 42" Insignia. :frowning:


mmmmmm… Shiny…

Oh my, a woot-off! YAY

I’m in for three.

I have one of these and I love it.
I paid way more then this for it.
This thing kicks serious ass.

Better jump on this one before it’s gone.

Why a bummer? This is only a 32".

Do they think wooters are in dire need of tvs or something?

I know i always am… how else will i watch all world cup games that are on at the same time?!

Can it be used as a computer monitor?

philips is better than insignia. i think

42" in a bedroom as small as mine is quite an overkill, i’m happy, but I paid 400$ for the Insignia, and its 720p 60hz, I would gladly pay this for a 120hz 1080p 32".

Hm could be a cheap entry to World of Warcraft on Nvidia 3D, that needs 120Hz.

Is this true 120hz? Will it work with nVidia’s 3D Vision?

perfect for your computer as a second screen to watch the game and work. I would never come out of the basement.

Ok, that makes sense.

Well, I’ll take this time to post one of the first cats of the woot-off…

Exactly, except for me all the Electromagnetic Radiation keeps the Voices/Demons at bay…for a while

There’s a Vizio 37" on deals.woot for the same price right now…

I don’t know if brand name plays that much of a role (5"), and I agree, 1080p doesn’t do much on a 32" screen. Save some coin and get a 720p if this is a good size for you.