Philips 32” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

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How is this NOT a better deal than what is offered on the OTHER page?..

CNET only rates it at 2 1/2 stars

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Why are the better TVs always at sellout.woot?

Bought this when it was reg woot site in late march. last of the 4 hdtv 1080p 3rd of 120hz. Image is excellent and quality is great. Definately was worth the purchase. Package came in a box was hugh, almost bigger than my big screen plasma.

This tv is quite average for what it is. For a 32" TV it is decent quality, nothing spectacular. Something to keep in mind when comparing to what’s available on vanilla woot, 1080p at 32" is going to be almost indistinguishable from 720p. You can pay more for the extra pixels, but for the size, you may not even see the difference. Anything below 40" will look almost identical at 720p or 1080p. YMMV.

A warning for gamers on this TV:
120Hz sets like this one have a higher amount of input lag than normal, 60hz TVs
That means there is more time between when you press a button and it shows up on screen, making this worse for gaming. You really start to notice this in First Person Shooters and some platforming games.

Basically, skip it if you want to play online FPS games on it.

BUt it’s got more Ps!

Ooohhhh. You’re right! And I don’t want my advice to cause anybody to end up with P envy.


I agree. I own a 720p 32" and it looks fantastic. Unless you have glued your forehead to the bezel you will not notice. It’s all about how far you are away from the monitor/TV. Your eyes can only notice so much detail from a distance.

I am actually in the market of a 32’’ tv but i’m looking into a westinghouse edge lit LED LCD for 319 at costco though i am not too sure about the brand.

check it out

From what I’m seeing, you can’t fine tune the picture at all? Or am I just reading things wrong…

Why is this so?
My natural inclination would be to think 120hz, 2ms response(which is very good) and fine resolution would make this a fine gaming monitor…
I guess back to yet more researching (or just plain searching!ha!).

Even with a 2ms response time? I am not so sure about that. I have a buddy with a 32" Samsung with similar specs, only difference is his tv has a 5ms response time and that is nearly unnoticeable.

$80 more than THIS = twice the response time (120 Hz vs. 60Hz) and a 33% increase in resolution (1920x1080 vs. 1366x768)…

No brainer…

Makes a huge difference if you’re hooking up a HTPC to it, though…

Size does not matter when it comes to seeing the difference in 720p compared to 1080p it all comes down to viewing distance.


clearly you have no idea what your talking about 1080p at 32" looks very different compared to 720p