Philips 32” 720p LCD HDTV

I have one of these TV’s. The picture quality is fantastic, but the TV runs VERY hot. It emits quite a bit of heat into the room.

Fantastic price, though.

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only 45 dollars more at amazon new.

Can this be VESA mounted?

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VESA wall mount compatible: 200 x 200 mm

This is an OK deal. Not great. It is a refurb. They are sold NEW for $349 @ Walmart, Newegg etc.


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I’m not all that impressed with today’s deal.

Just about $50 gets you a new TV. Comon Woot, you’re supposed to be the best deals.





Yes- it takes a VESA 200 mount

I bought this on the last woot! Really happy with it - it’s a great TV for 305 bucks!!

stay away from refurbs last one i bought from woot had scrastches all over it and was told tough on you by woot

Michael Chiklis is on “No Ordinary Family”, if anyone was curious like me.

So hot that it will melt my popsicle?

Oh c’mon, we all know that isn’t very hot.

SO I’m not sure that they’ve changed this TV it being a different size than the refurb (model # is the same sans the ‘32’ instead of ‘19’) I bought off of woot last year around this time, BUT this TV worked great for about 2 weeks, then wouldn’t turn on. after a month of unplugging, dusting, and trying everything over and over again I sent it back. I get the new one back, and after about another month or so it started doing the same exact thing, now it’s past the warranty so I probably can’t send the thing back and I’m a TVless college student with a 19 inch box of crap.

Best of luck to anyone that buys this, it’s really a great deal. Philips lost my business as soon as my second TV broke. cheers :slight_smile: