Philips 32” 720p LCD HDTV

So you’re talking about a completely different product than is what is offered?

Can this receive unscrambled QAM? (At least while it lasts.)

Is this the same TV?

Amazon (new) = $218.99 + $32.72 S&H. Also 51 customer reviews.

Total shipped NEW, $251.71 and would include 1 year warranty.

Woot is $184.99 shipped and if you buy one year warranty add $31.99 for a total of $216.98 and this is for a refurbished model.

If the above advertised Amazon price is correct and it is the same model, it is only $34.73 more to buy brand new over refurbished if you purchase the one year warranty to match one year warranty on new model. I think I would have to go with new.

I bought this from Best Buy two years ago and paid almost twice this price. Mine makes a buzzing noise when I turn it on, but you stop noticing it after a while. Not a bad deal for $180.

I use a 720p with a 60hz refresh rate as my second monitor that I bought on the cheap (hisense- who knows where in China those are made)from tigerdirect a year ago and it looks great. Why do you need 1920x1080?

I don’t have a problem with 720p TVs, I have a problem with nonstandard resolutions such as 1366x768. Regardless of what you watch (unless you use it as a big PC monitor) you get oddball scaling.

At least on a proper 1080p TV, 720p content is scaled evenly. Or on a true 1280x720p TV, no scaling.

768 is pretty standard for “720” TVs.

I bought this about a year and a half ago on here for $300. Works great. No complaints. Buy it.

Buyer BEWARE! I bought this 5/2011 during a Woot Off(for my 95 year old grandma who is mostly blind and needed a bigger tv)and it totally died last month. What I found after my research was highly disturbing -

  1. Woot shipped me the WRONG tv (ad says 3506D/F7B and I received a 3505/F7)

  2. the wrong tv they shipped to me was a model not only with this well known issue which pops right up in google but you have to replace the whole power board not just the fuse(good luck finding one). When I contacted Phillips they do not sell this part. Local quote I got to fix it was $150-200 (the board cost about $95 plus labor).

I have been very upset over this whole situation and I cannot believe Woot is selling this piece of garbage again.

Anybody have any experience using this tv for an x-box and other gaming devices…I’m thinking about getting it for this this reason only.

I bought one last year for $240 on woot. I like it very much. I also got the BA soundbar and subwoofer on Woot for $130 was it? and now the sound is great too!

Yea you can, they seem to be making the odd assumption that your comp doesn’t have an HDMI out.

Just remember to switch the sound output if you want to use the TVs speakers. Tho you’d presumably have a set of desktop speakers with better range, but perhaps you want to reduce desk clutter.

I bought one of these off woot, and it looks fine when it’s on. The problem is that it has some sort of energy saver setting that causes the TV to not come on until it feels like it.

I use Xbox 360 on it, no lag, works fine.

Me, too! Phillip is the name of the delivery guy who will just toss this over the fence.

I bought a Phillips LCD, it lasted exactly 1 year, the warranty period. There’s a reason there are a boatload of refurbished LCD’s from this company, they are not a good monitor.
I might add, I bought a Phillips DVD player, paid a lot for it (~$180)… it was terrible, it would not play half the formats I used, so I went to Walmart and bought a $20 DVD, it played Everything!

I bought this TV on Woot for $234.99 and it has been an excellent TV…never tried it as a monitor. I use it with an outdoor antenna located under the porch roof close to the TV. It gets very strong signals from all Denver stations even though I am about 25 miles from the transmitters. The picture quality is perfect for the HD broadcasts.

[QUOTE=pukeboy, post:26, topic:369522]
I don’t have a problem with 720p TVs, I have a problem with nonstandard resolutions such as 1366x768.

In the world of monitors, 720 is ‘nonstandard’. Hate that we used to have 1200 lines of resolution (or more) for monitors, but since everyone thinks 1080 is High Def, it’s tough to get more than 1080 :frowning:

Since you’re not the first to post this link, one thing to realize is Woot doesn’t consider 3rd party retailers (like the link above through Amazon) as comparable when they offer the deal, just like they don’t consider eBay comparable. If a mainline/big company like NewEgg or Best Buy were to sell the exact product cheap enough, woot has in the past lowered their price to make it a better deal. I’m also not 100% sure, but I think this policy was in play before Amazon bought them.

Personally, I’m not planning on buying any TV online, used or new, and the question is in a case like this (and obviously the people who have trouble with shipping/product itself are the ones you’ll typically see comments from, regardless of website or actual %age that had a bad experience) is whether you trust woot or the third party Amazon agent. I’m going to leave that question alone, thank you very much.

HI, does anyone here know which wall mounts will work with this TV?