Philips 39” 1080p LED HDTV w/ NetTV

**Item: **Philips 39" 1080p LED HDTV w/ NetTV
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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So do you need to have a subscription to net services? How much does that typically cost monthly if so?

Not the same specs as Phillip’s website for this model. Happens all the time on Woot. Phillip’s says it is a 60HZ TV and 300 cdm. A shame or I would have bought.

I really wanted this tv okay time they sold them. I got one… and it was horribly packed. And broken.

Hey woot, are these gonna be packed nicer this time? I reaaallly want one.

Philips states 120 Hz PMR for the ultimate in motion sharpness just as we do. PMR = Perfect Motion Rate.

While we hate each and every shipping problem, it’s really very few that are damaged in shipping. It’s just a truth of the internet that more people will take the time to post complaints than complements. Of the posts you might see about damage, there are HUNDREDS that got a TV that was undamaged and working perfectly. They’re just happily watching TV instead of posting.

I think this a Vendor issue, not Woot packing them. But Factory Reconditioned makes me think Phillips is doing the work and shipping through a cheap 3rd party? Just a guess. I would love to buy this TV but until I quit hearing about broken TV’s I will hold off. Really a shame as this looks to be a terrific deal. This seems to be a reoccuring issue…

Edit, And Thunder Thighs is correct, happy people don’t complain. Still, I have to think they are all packaged the same and its kind of a russian roulette on getting an undamaged TV. Lets see how these get delivered and next time I will pull the trigger. The description of packaging seem horrible. Is it the same for everyone?

We work with our vendors when we see a number of issues on the same item.

What we can’t control is when some delivery folks take the idea of “Drop Ship” a bit too literally.

Just for ThunderThighs: I have purchased 2 TV’s from Woot in the last year and they arrived in perfect condition!

Looks as if WHEN it’s mounted on a versa mount… (I have 200/400, but not 300) that it will cover the input/output connectors on the back??


  1. will this get in non-cable tv stations (I do not have nor want a cable subscription)

  2. can I use the chromecast thingie with it? I really am not into putting phillips proprietary software on my mac

I got a 65" TV from Woot years ago, and it arrived no problem.

On the other hand:


Ah, the 265 pound Olevia, that was a steal at $2000 (at the time). Just weighed too much for me.

  1. Any recent TV, within the past seven years or so, should have a converter built in (I am guessing this is the listed “antenna in” feature)… so yes.

  2. Any recent TV with an HDMI port will work with Chromecast (some slightly older HDMIs will display video but no audio)… so yes.


It doesn’t look like this is 120HZ according to the philips website. EDIT: Nevermind.

Hey WOOT! Let’s say I go for this and it shows up in a grocery bag looking like a pinata, what are my options?

I’ve got a huge pile of woots under my belt. I’ve never ever doubted woots ability to ship. I only ever received one other item DOA, and that was a digital camera probably something like 5+ years ago.

That said, the TV coming broken was pretty heart breaking because they said they didn’t have any more of the TVs.

So, let’s try this again woot.

Woot was great about RMA on the last time these were up for sale. I’d assume they’d be just as helpful the next go round. The return process was relatively painless, save an annoying experience at a fedex store.

“We can’t ship that, that box is in horrible shape.”

“I just received it FROM FEDEX in this shape!”

“Yeah, well, we can’t ship it. Sorry. Bring it back in new box and we’ll ship it.”

I eventually just scheduled a pick up from a fed ex driver and no words were said on the pick up.