Philips 39” 1080p LED TV w/NetTV

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Philips 39" 1080p LED TV w/NetTV
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Feb 12 to Monday, Feb 17) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Let’s check out the product page

[MOD EDIT: Removed CNet Review;incorrect model/link]

I have one of these smart type tv’s, and, boy oh boy, that big NETFLIX button on the remote has changed my life!

Watching netflix on my tv without running my hard drive makes sense to me!

Am I confused or is that cnet review for a completely different TV?


Holy Mother of Spork, I would totally watch Cake Bastard! Gotta find a way to make that happen. What’s it about, anyway?

Yeah, conan totally blew it on this one. Here is the actual model for sale at Wally World and the people who actually bought and used them seem to like them: The right model

Unless I’m missing something in the picture of the back, it appears that this model is NOT wall mountable, even though it states: Wall Mount Specifications:
VESA Hole Pattern: 300 x 300mm

I bought a Philips Smart TV from Woot last February (32" model) and it worked fine until it just didn’t turn on any more three weeks ago.

It died the day after the Woot Pre-Super Bowl/Big Game TV Extravaganza ended, so I had to wait for another TV to come up.

Is a year a good life span for a refurb TV?

Great question.
We’ve bought several from the site in question over the past few years and have not had any units die.

First recon TV, a Philips 32", was purchased in Dec 2010 and still works great.

I have a 42 inch Phillips LED in my cave that was purchased over 4 years ago and it is still going strong. This was one of those deals where I went to Wally World and picked the TV with the best picture. It still has a GREAT picture. Personally, I think Phillips is underrated.

I have two woot! Philips refurb TVs, a 22" and 32" (non-smart) and they are still going strong 3+ years later.

I already have enough TVs in the house but this would replace the 37" Sony in the bedroom nicely… Must resist, must resist…

I bought this one in October and I really like it. Easy to set up. Picture is good (better than my old one). If I had the money - I’d grab another one for the bedroom.

Good question! Is this unit really wall mountable?

This was on woot 3 weeks ago. I bought this exact model and could not be happier. It is definitely wall mountable, has a nice thin bezel and one of the best software interfaces i have ever seen on a TV. Even has a color calibration interface when you setup the TV. This gets 10/10 from me!

For those wondering about the wall mounting, look at the back picture again. There are 4 small holes in each corner of the back. These are the vesa holes. Use the screws from the stand to attach to a wall mount.

Just so everyone knows, this tv isn’t 120hz. If you go to the Walmart or Phillips website and look at the user manual, it’s 60hz. I bought this TV from Woot a couple woots ago and I contacted costumer support about the error in the advertisement but haven’t heard back. It’s still a great deal and I love the tv but buying something and finding out that what you bought wasn’t what was advertised is still troubling.

The Philips manual seems to show 120 hz

“120 Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) creates
extreme motion sharpness for clear and vibrant
images in fast action movies. The new Philips
PMR standard reduces response time of the
HDTV to produce faster picture transitions and
reduces motion artifacts.”

**Kudos to Woot for refreshingly properly showing refresh rate in the specs:

Refresh Rate: 60Hz Native / 120Hz PMR**

Virtually all Brands play the refresh rate deception game. If you see any modifier next to refresh rate then divide by a minimum of 2 to get the real panel refresh rate.

Examples modifier words of deception: Effective, CMR/ClearMotion. PMR/Perfect Motion Rate. In the case of this Woot the modifier word “Native” equates to “Honest” :wink:

The tricks these Brands use to claim higher refresh rates include extra video processing and backlight manipulation. While some folks claim they like these effects, I am not one of them.

BTW, a 60 Hz refresh rate is fine for normal TV/movie watching. Serious gamers and sports fans might want to go higher - and pay dramatically more for the privilege.

For normal TV/movie viewing, other aspects of the TV become more important than refresh rate. Like ability to show degrees of black (difficult for all LED/LCD TVs to handle due to their technology). And contrast and viewing angles.