Philips 39” or 40" 1080p LED TV w/NetTV

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Philips 39" or 40" 1080p LED TV w/NetTV
Price: $279.99 - 319.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Jan 27 to Thursday, Jan 30) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out some reviews for the 39 inch TV
Product Page

cnet calls the 39" model “OK”


Check out the product pagefor the 40" model

So until these TV’s are all gone, there won’t be a “sellout” category? Why aren’t these in tech or home?

I own four refurbished Philips LED TV’s. Two were purchased on Woot and the others directly from the company. I have never had any problems with them at all and they are great TV’s. I would buy this 39" right now if I needed a TV. The two TV’s previously purchased from Woot have netTV and it works great. Hard to beat.

The specs on this woot product site say this hdtv has a 120hz refresh rate, but when I research these model numbers on the internet; Amazon, Walmart, and Philips webstites all say it is only a 60hz refresh rate?

Is the model number wrong? Or is the refresh rate listed here wrong? Or is Amazon, Walmart, and Philips wrong?


I don’t have either of these particular TVs but I have purchased (from woot!) a 22" and 32" Philips referb. Both have been excellent and both are still going strong several years later.

The real question here is, is this really a good deal? a 43’ Samsung Plasma is $379 everywhere and even at 720p is so much more pleasing to look at. I have bought two 43" and one 50" 1080p Samsung plasmas and again, for movies, sports, and a room that’s not too bight, they are the best viewing experience.

So $319 for the 40" refurb save your pennies a few more weeks and get a new 43" plasma. Your choice.

This may be a silly question but do both of these connect through wifi?

The spec tab says it uses wifi-n. This means it should work with most modern wifi routers. I’m still researching why everyone else says these tvs have a 60hz refresh rate but woot says these are 120hz.

this is an important question. if anyone has it, or a woot moderator can check, that would be great.

Video play back by USB:Playback Formats

    JPEG Still pictures
    H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

PDF for the Owners manual:

According to Owners Manual its 60Hz

And the Philips website:

what is the warranty on this factory refurbished TV?

90 days

Can you install amazon instant video on these sets?

Asked the set up peeps, they say: Philips calls it 120Hz Perfect Motion Rate which is a simulated 120Hz refresh rate. We call them both 120Hz PMR which is correct.

Whats a good affordable wall mount that would go good with the 39" for most flush look?

Will this work with Amazon Prime instant video?