Philips 3D Blu-ray Player w/Apps & Wi-Fi

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Philips 3D Blu-ray Player w/Apps & Wi-Fi
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Time to check out the product page and check out a handful of not so good reviews (2.2 out of 5.0) over at

Bestbuy has a few more reviews

The reviews from Amazon are not much better. Woot has been selling some pretty poor “refurbished” Blu-ray players recently.

Yes, the Amazon reviews are very bottom-heavy, in fact–9 out of fifteen are 1-star ratings. Too bad, because I was really looking for a second player for a house I’m watching, but this doesn’t look like the one.

I know what some of the reviews say, but I purchased the Philips BDP2985/F7N in a previous Woot-off, and I’ve had no problems with it, the network connectivity is flawless, Netflix and Youtube work great, one negative with Blu-ray playback is the player doesn’t remember where I stop playblack, other than that mine has been working fine, much better than the Samsung Blu-ray I got from Woot.

Grrr! Still waiting for a decent region–free model to come down the Woot-line. Got a bunch of disks from the UK that I’m unable to watch. Maybe next time!

I agree. I have one from the WOOT! Off and it works very well, just remember to check for a firmware update as soon as you get it hooked up to your network. I may get one of these for my bedroom.

Also, the one I have plays all kinds of video files through the USB port like a champ. I have some DVD and Blu-Ray rips I put on a portable NTFS drive and they’re in various formats (because I do a lot of testing of things like this for my own enrichment) and, next to XBMC, it is the best MKV player evah. It also plays m4v, DivX and XVID AVI, and it might even play FLV files, although I haven’t tested it.

I also use it to stream YouTube vids from my Thinkpad to the TV. You can also do this with iOS and Android devices. YouTube now has the ability to access your connected devices with a code and the Philips can do this. If you want a versatile STB this is a good little device for the money from WOOT!

Does anyone know if this player will be able to play video files off a NAS? That would probably turn it into an instant “buy” for me.

I never tried a hardwire network but wireless is worthless. Netflix freezes constantly. It does, however, play DVDs.

Hey! That text field didn’t work!

I can’t tell is it DLNA certified? Will it stream video from my server?

thanks gary.I only need a BR player since it will be sitting in the gym next to my Roku box so I’m not interested in the apps part. Not being able to resume is a deal breaker since I’m always just resuming what I was watching the day before.

pardon my ignorance, but what does it mean by ‘apps’?

1st review on amazon describes how to make this dvd player region free:

to make this one region-free (DVD part only) follow the instructions below:
To set the DVD region:
Power on with no disc in tray
Press HOME
Enter 138 931 0
For RCE-discs use region number instead of last “0” (e.g. 138 931 1 sets player to region 1 (America))

To check the current region:
Power on with no disc inside
Press HOME
Enter 8520

No NAS, Media Center, AirPlay or DLNA support is built-in. If it was, I would put off my build of an HTPC for a little longer.

OK, I sprung. I have an ancient Sony BD player that I don’t use in my bedroom that I am going to give to a friend. The region free DVD instructions put me over. Keep following this thread as I will post after I get it and let you know how it is.

It plays Blu-Rays and DVDs, and also off of USB drives. The apps are streaming media programs you would find on the Web or mobile devices.

This player says it has YouTube, Netflix, Vudu, and Pandora. My current one also has Picasa.

Be aware, the region free hack instructions posted previously, was for the BDP2180. I checked at the Video Help website and they don’t have a specific hack for the Philips BDP2185/F7B. My experience has been that not all hacks work for all Philips players.