Philips 3D Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi


I also bought one on the last woot-off. Not very good for watching netflix on it. I never could get the wireless to stay connected. I went straight ethernet and it is fine. There was an update to the firmware a few weeks ago that added Pandora.




vuvuzela Monday

Well, I jumped in for one without readin’ nuffin’. I Woot old school, yo.

I don’t have 3D, Wi-Fi or Blu-ray, so this will be a step up anyway.


Woot-Lib!: [movienight] Monday

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Monkey Monday

See, I can do it too! (gotta love Riley)

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Medication Monday

Last Blue Ray player I bought Insignia stopped supporting it and new blue rays will not work. Is this one the lastest firmware?

I love that word :slight_smile:

The one you linked to is more than twice as much. That’s a lot more.

hangover Monday

Wow, the reviews on Amazon are horrid. Basically, 3D does NOT work, and customer service is horrible if you have a problem.