Philips 3D Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi

**Item: **Philips 3D Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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As blu ray players go, this is not bad at all for $40. Just don’t buy it if you are doing so for the “smart” features. It does not do a very good job with playing online content.

I’ve purchased 3 refurbished/factory reconditioned Blu-ray players. Although none were Phillips, I’ve had some pretty good luck with them.

Each cost less than half what a similar new BR player would cost. Two of the three play very, very well. One did have some trouble playing some BR disks that the others would play, and that same player sometimes puts a purple tint on the leftmost third of the screen - so let’s say I am batting .666 (I’d say .667, but I have too much fun with folks that get freaked out by seeing three sixes in a row).

Take your chances on this one. If you want to be conservative, jump on the SquareTrade warranty.

I have one of these. It works OK - BUT! - no HULU+ on this one. Netflix yes, Hulu no.

Went to check which Apps it’ll use, but it doesn’t look like you can stream the Amazon video to it. Was going to pick it up until I saw that. :frowning:

Stupid question…

This comes with a power cable, right?!

Bought one last time offered. Works fine for Netflix and blu-ray, but the remote died, so I needed a replacement.

If it doesn’t say it’s in the box, don’t assume it’s in the box. Buying at Costco is the only place I know of for certain they include the cable. I’m sure there are others.

What? Everyone includes a power cable. An HDMI cable, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

I’m sure it does, what moronic company wouldn’t include the power cable?

Apparently, woot doesn’t like the word m.o.r.o.n.

In for 1…you can’t get Blu-Ray players with Wi-Fi for $40. I’ve had good success with factory refurbs so figured I’d take a shot here.

really tempted since just yesterday I was looking at bluray players with wifi. hmmmm

Next Woot, a Phillips screwdriver to fix the Phillips TV and DVD player?

I was looking at refurbished ASUS routers on Newegg and a lot of the reviews say “didn’t include power cable!”, and apparently they’d contacted the company and it was an “accessory”, even though the device won’t function without it. I can totally believe that this might not come with a power cable, so it’s (sadly) a valid question.

Great lil’ player… power cable attached, no HDMI & quixotically, no AAA batteries. Update firmware ASAP… there’s no Hulu+ or Amazon, but Netflix works well. YouTube interface wonky but what the heck! It’s only $40!

I agree with most comments here already.

  1. Update the firmware ASAP! Otherwise, expect constant freezes that requires you to unplug the power cord from the wall.
  2. Remote control really sucks unless you’re within 3 feet from the unit. Do yourself a favor and plan on replacing it with some kind of universal remote!
  3. Sometimes, the various apps get a bit laggy. Rebooting the machine helps. It’s usually fine, though.
  4. Aside from the above, it’s a great box for the price! I’d never pay full price for this thing knowing what I know, but I’m happy at $40!