Philips 42” 1080p LCD TV

Thanks, just added it to my Netflix queue.

I bought this when woot had it up a few weeks back. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Nothing’s better than playing Fable II on a 42" screen…

… Unless it’s playing Fable II on a screen bigger than 42" of course…

Have the 750, but don’t want this one. I want a 47 or 50 inch for about the same price. Sears has a 50" for 999 this week. :frowning:

I bought this tv at the last sell out. I am very happy with it but with the recent drop in tv prices you only are saving 100 for the respiff. Usually its around a 200 dollar respiff savings which makes the risk of having to deal with a doa worth it. In some ways i wish i held out until black friday.

No offence but the last thing I’d ever buy that is refurb’d or recertified would be a TV of any kind.

(plasma, CRT or LCD… let alone DLP & all the other new types out there)

In general, when a TV has gone wrong once, it is a minefield of oher problems waiting to rear their heads.

You either get a great TV that works out the box & will last you for years or you get a TV that needs repair in the first 30 days & then has to be looked at by a tech every few weeks / months thereafter until it ends up in a land fill.

Just remember… never ever ever buy a refurb’d or recert’d TV, no matter how great a deal or how desperate you are.

I worked in the buis’ so I know what I am talking about.

I doubt it was 1080p.

if there were only two sold then why is indiana so much brighter than texas?

It is odd to me that two people each bought one (apparently) and yet the color on the map is different for the two states they are in.

Wouldn’t the same quantity for the state generate the same color for that state?