Philips 42” Full HD 1080p with Eco TV

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Philips 42” Full HD 1080p with Eco TV
$599.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Refurbished
Product: 1 Philips 42PFL5603D 42” Full HD 1080p HDTV with Eco TV

I really love the edges. I’m a fan of the way the clear border looks. However, I’ve helped carry one of these things, one of the bigger models, and it seems to make it harder to grip and I was worried it would chip or break. But hey, you only gotta move it once or twice ever, right?

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Here is my previous post about Philips TVs

I test a lot of Philips at my job and they are decent TVs. The auto picture setup in the beginning is nice for those who dont tweak there settings and the bezels are classy. However the blacks are sometimes washed out and the color is not as great as the Sonys and Samsungs. There like the Sharps but more expensive.

And in general the reviews for the earlier woot tv will be about the same for this


One difference though. The one on Woot was Pixel Plus this one is the Eco. Here’s a link to the comments on the Pixel Plus.

It’s a Philips. The one television that went brain-dead in my living room one day after a few years of very light use. I’ll never buy one again.

Philips doesn’t support their reefurrbs well at all. I’d think VERY carefully about the odds of having to ship it back or have it serviced.

walmart has a 42" Vizio for $598, new

Greyhounds are cool. Not sure if it the same as the one on Woot last Saturday. The description on that one had 3 HDMI inputs…this says it has 4. They look the same though.

It’s not that I’m not confident in Philips’ refurbishing skills. It’s just that I’m really skeptical of an electronics investment that’s only backed by a 90 day warranty…

Although the model # is the same last time it was called Philips 42” Full HD 1080p with Pixel Plus HD

There were no deliveries yet so no reviews.

I wasn’t going to get one until I saw the photo of the package. WOW! Now I will have to reconsider!

Just wanted to thank the writer for the DNA reference, very nice!

I want one so bad, but I ordered a 42" Philips from Woot last January and FedEx smashed it. Now I’m too scared to order anything online if I know that FedEx Home is the carrier. I have yet to receive any package from them that wasn’t damaged in some way.

I can say that the product picture does not do this thing justice. These Philips LCD TVs are aesthetically gorgeous.

This tv weighs 10 lbs more than my 50 inch plasma.

Maybe its because of the pictures (the camera adds 10 lbs…)

Maybe not coming with an HDMI cable adds weight?

whats the difference between the eco and the pixel plus? is the eco more power efficient?

I would just like to give EXTREME props for the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference. 42. Very funny.

Yes. That’s really the only difference.