Philips 47” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

I highly recommend everyone passes on Philips if you are going to hook up a PC. Too many issues involving the sound-over-HDMI and the likelihood that your video card is a nVidia. Otherwise, get this TV - the clarity and colors are amazing. Even still, if you’re ready to put in a few hours and a lot of effort getting your video driver set up to work around the Philips-nVidia issue.

More info:

i have a DVI to VGA cable

and I do like the quality of RGB over HDMI when using one of these as a pc monitor. but that won’t help you here considering this only has HDMI ports

It’s all fun and games until The Mule comes around…

You see this specific model for $100 more brand new on Amazon? I can’t find it… I searched this model# and the cheapest I found was $977 plus $99 shipping. Even the cheapest refurb I could find on Amazon was $925 after shipping. If you’ve got a link, please share.

Just saying.

here it is at $899 plus $59.00 shipping

Here’s a ZDnet review

and here’s cnet

refurbs always scare me, especially on a tv

Are you referring to the 4th item down here? Click it and the price magically goes up $100!

edit: I just checked it again (in the morning) and Amazon already fixed the price…

huh…leave it to amazon to screw up the price.

Still, $699.99 is compelling, even for a refurb. Since I have an ATI video card may be all the more reason to buy it.

I just bought a Vizio new from Costco, same specs:|79|2341&N=4001374%204294904820&Mo=14&No=4&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=


Both prices are effectively delivered (pick up at store) So for Philips and recertified, you save about $200.

I have this tv and love it! only thing that is weird are the speakers are facing away from the front of the TV

Your TV has a higher contrast ratio but a worse response time.

Did you purchase this new or is it a refurb? How long have you had it?

Can buy the same model online at Wal-Mart for $749 new.

I own this model TV as well and it’s been great to watch. Bought it over a year ago from tigerdirect for $1000 refurbished and thought it was a good deal then. One issue I have noticed is a really annoying static sound if I turn an HDMI device off and leave the TV on that input. It may be the way I have it connected to my surround system, I don’t remember if it has that issue with the built-in speakers. Overall, a great value.

Gonna be a slow night on Woot

that is NOT the same model. your link is to a 3704 not a 5704. your link is to a 60hz model. obvious price difference.

something tells me that there is some biasm going on in these discussions in favor of this deal…can woot workers join this discussion?..$100.00 cheaper but it is a refurb…yeah no! Not a good deal.

Do all refurbished come w/o owners manual? I see no mention of one. -Power consumption is 280W, which seems high. Does this fall under the energy conservation( energy star rating?) situation. --Also, as a guy noted above, if this is at Walmart fort $749, it’ll probably be down to $699 new somewhere soon, seems to me.

as i noted, thats a lower spec model at walmart